Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

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--Finally got my Pacifica order today that was shipped out on July 1st! I guess it got lost & they 2-day'd me another one, which was very nice! After all that time I'm wishing I would've gotten a different scent...figures. With any luck I'll eventually get the original one and have 2. I can give it to my mom or something :)

--Still waiting on my Bulu Box (which was shipped July 10th) & Bluum Box (which was shipped the 16th). It's my first time for both of these. Does it usually take forever? Or is it the good 'ole Alaska curse? (80% of items take 10x longer & cost 10x more to ship to Alaska & Hawaii) Which brings me to my next thought-

--I am so ready to leave here! I can honestly say I hate it! The end of August needs to hurry!

--Does anyone have a HTC Windows Phone? Mine keeps saying SIM card error & it's so annoying because you have to restart your phone. I looked online & it seems to be a common issue. Should've went with the iPhone5. My husband loves rubbing it in because he told me I should've gotten it before I even decided I was getting the Windows Phone.

--When I was shopping at Safeway today, I came across Cookie Chips! I had seen them in some food box review a few times, I can't remember which one, but of course I had to try them.. and Oh. My. God. Yumm!(I am on a diet but these are 1g of fat a cookie so if I just have like a couple a day...)

--Speaking of my diet, I am doing pretty good. About 15lbs to go before I weigh what I did before both of my kids! Eating good sucks but I'm loving the results. I am also taking these Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean pills. They seem to be helping a lot! Has anyone ever taken them or heard anything about them?

(I take both the Thermo Rise & Dreamweaver PM)

--I'm so upset that Bri got sent home from MasterChef. She was my favorite! SO WHAT if she was a vegetarian. Krissi & Natasha need to go. I can't stand their attitudes. I don't know who I'm rooting for now that Bri is gone. Natasha will probably win the whole thing though.

--Well I think that's it for today. Mostly negative, I know.. :)