Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

It's Friday! Usually a joyous day of the week because of the nearing weekend. Although because of the holiday Wednesday was like this weeks Friday.
Friday! Friday! Friday! is a breakdown of the weeks happenings, & a look into what the weekend may bring!

This week was a little more exciting than others. On Tuesday, we attended 2-8 Org Day at Chena Lakes... cookout, games & a lot of fun! (not to mention a day off work for the hubs) This week was a short one for him, we are 2 days in to the 4 day weekend.

Thursday was 4th of July, and like I mentioned before, it's not too exciting in Alaska. This year especially because of the fireworks ban. We didn't let it hinder our spirits, we all stayed home and cuddled up on the couch & watched TV the better part of the day. Towards the end of the night we received a notice under our door from our apartments manager (anytime they need to send out a newsletter or any kind of notification, they slide it under your door and just leave.) One of the MANY things I can't stand about them. Anyway, somebody ratted us out about us having a cat-- and I know we were in the wrong because the lease clearly states no pets, but she was abandoned and so sweet, we couldn't resist. The notice stated that we "seriously violated the renters agreement", the made it sound as if we had committed murder, and that we had to get rid of her in 10 days or we would get evicted.. even though that's the last thing we wanted to do we have to have a home.

So today we brought her to Loving Companions Animal Rescue and it was tough on all of us. It was hardest of my husband seeing as he was closer to DC (the cat) than anyone else. It really sucks! Onto happier things, I received my Stork Stack today, so that review will be up soon! I was patiently waiting for the mailman to come, it is my first box and I was beyond excited! I was suppose to get my Pacifica order today too, but I guess due to the holiday, it's running late. Maybe tomorrow. I went shopping today at Safeway for baby food (mostly) and I was excited to save $11.00 with my Safeway Rewards & a few coupons. I'm not really a couponer, I just happened to have them.

Paid $18.00, saved $11.00!

I absolutely Plum Organics, my husband thinks Organic food is expensive and stupid, but I try my best to keep it organic as much as possible. At least for my kids.
Sunday is our anniversary :) I'm looking forward to what hubs has in store. We already pretty much exchanged gifts, but I know he is still planning something else along the lines of dinner :)
All in all, it was a pretty good week, minus having to get rid of our cat. How was your week?