Monday, July 8, 2013

Sugar Works Bath & Body Review

Sugar Works Bath & Body specializes in bath & body care & they are located in Savannah, Ga. They have products ranging from Sugar Scrubs, Body Mists, Body Gloss, Soaps & more! Their Scent List is huge! Any scent you can think of, they have it. If for some reason they don't have what you're looking for, you can share your ideas with them on their Facebook Page. Right now they are offering Sample Boxes for $20 each, free shipping! I just got my Sample Box in today!

"Sugar Works' Sugar Scrubs make your skin radiant, soft and youthful looking! The best way to get youthful skin is to moisturize, but what good is moisturizing if you are putting it on top of dead skin cells? Exfoliation gets rid of all those dead skin cells, and then your skin is totally ready for moisturization! That's the secret to your Best. Skin. Ever!" "We are a Paraben-free & Cruelty-free Company."

Ok onto the goodies!

First thing you see is a very nice thank you card! Everything is individually wrapped to ensure there's no spilling I imagine.

The Sample Bag came with 2 Sugar Scrubs, 1 Butter Soft , 1 Body Mist, 1 Body Gloss, 1 Perfume Oil & 2 Soap Samples.

Sugar Scrubs in Lemon Blossom Frosting & Almond Cookie (3.3oz each)
I think it's a great value! I love love the way the Lemon Blossom Frosting smells. Can't wait to try them out!

Body Mist in Mummy Musk (yum!), Body Gloss in Sugar Me! Lemon, & Perfume Oil in Pink Champagne.
The Perfume Oil is my favorite out of everything! Love it!

Butter Soft in Moon Sparkle White Cake & Soap Samples in Brown Sugar & Lemongrass and Fruity Mallow
Like everything else in the box, they smell awesome!


Needless to say, you get more than your moneys worth! I was hoping to get something Coconut, because it's my favorite, & when I saw there wasn't any I got a little worried but I was actually very pleased with all of the scents I received! I think they have it to where you can request certain scents now, so that's even better! I will be purchasing more from Sugar Works!