Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Civilain Life is Approaching...

It's been a while since I've posted! Just been very busy. Getting out of the Army very soon! Trying to get everything in order. Bittersweet. Though I am ready to move on with our lives. This could be a start of a very good chapter for us! New possibilities, new scenery & new faces (some old ones, too. We are moving near family!)
Oh how I miss family!
My husband has proudly served his country for almost 7 years which included OIF & OEF. (Deployments to both Iraq & Afghanistan.) It's definitely going to be an adjustment for us, but I'm not too worried. After all, we have gotten through A LOT together.

One thing that's a giant plus is leaving Alaska!! It'a a god awful place to live! These last 2 years have felt like a lifetime! It is beautiful though :) Which doesn't make up for the -40 degree temperatures, 24/7 sunlight, mutant mosquitos & just a lack of things to really do.

Goodbye Alaska.
Goodbye ARMY.